How do you grow a small business into a BIG business?

There is no one answer. All entrepreneurs and business owners know that. It is a combination of things. Good strong leadership, the right people, technology, systems, finance, sales and marketing are among the things that combine make a successful business.

As a business owner, you are faced with a changing market place, figuring out all areas of your business, constantly switching hats, and, while you realize the extreme importance of it, you have no time to spend on determining the most effective marketing and communications methods.

That's where Social Animals Marketing comes in. We provide you with the ability to focus on your passion while we market your dreams. We are dedicated to growing your business through marketing and projects that support your overall business goals.

Pay attention to get attention

Without attention, there are no customers; without customers, there are no sales; without sales, there is no money; without money, there is no business. We realize the needs of most entrepreneurs are inherently different of those of their larger corporate counterparts. We understand those differences and celebrate our ability to keep the cost of marketing down to maximize the promotional resources of your business.


Social Animals Marketing provides clever and affordable solutions that help you generate attention and market your dreams. 


We get it - social media marketing and management takes time. A lot of time. From understanding the different audiences on each platform and knowing the best times to post, implementing a social media marketing strategy into your overall marketing approach can be tedious and overwhelming. Hiring someone can feel daunting and costly.

Fear not!

Marketing is what we do and we don't break your budget to do it.